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Re: Defending the box

Hi guys/grrls!

What do you mean it's too late? -Gary G.

It's now past the due date for October orders (which included the Groo lunch box). As a result, unfortunately, it's too late to order a Groo lunch box. If you still want one, better keep an eye out for one on Ebay around October. You shoulda oughta have ordered one when it wuz posted to the mailing list that it was available from Westfield.

That's how it goes with collectible stuff.
If you see and you want it, then you had better
buy it then and there ...  If you see it, and
you're not sure that you want it, but you might
want it later, then you had better buy it then
and there ...  Blink, and then it's gone ...

See you.


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