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Re: Defending the box

Hi everyone,

Azamin said:
> What I meant was the difficulties as we have to  include the postage
> which doubles the price of the item.  I think the price including the
> postage is around $40.00 compared to  the price in the US.  (Maybe I have
> to wait for 10 years  for the lunchbox's value to hit $40.00. - this is a
> joke).  Sothat's why  those who are living in th US are the selected few.

My experience here, and I think Bubble will back me up on this, is 
that you can get more than twice what you paid to buy and import 
an item easily enough -- when I go to the local comic stores, limited 
edition statues and figurines, etc are for sale for much more than if 
you ordered them online and had them shipped from the US.

Why? Because there are always going to be people rich and crazy 
enough to pay a lot of money for something they want without 
bothering to find out if they can get it cheaper somewhere else.

(Although, I must wonder, why do you need to wait for the 
lunchbox to appreciate to 40$? Why would you even want to sell 
it, anyway?)

:] Lia

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our random dying patterns."
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