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Re: Defending the box

Actually the thing about I'm having to wait for the lunch box to hit $40.00 was
just a joke - I even stated that it was a joke.  The real reason is I don't
have any credit card and I don't trust to send credit card numbers thru
internet. Btw,  (this's just a suggestion for Mark)  you can produce Groo
merchandises in Malaysia as the product will be lower in cost but equal/better
in quality as product manufactured in the States. then price of the Groo
merchandises can be reduced.


Lia Bulaong wrote:

> My experience here, and I think Bubble will back me up on this, is
> that you can get more than twice what you paid to buy and import
> an item easily enough -- when I go to the local comic stores, limited
> edition statues and figurines, etc are for sale for much more than if
> you ordered them online and had them shipped from the US.
> Why? Because there are always going to be people rich and crazy
> enough to pay a lot of money for something they want without
> bothering to find out if they can get it cheaper somewhere else.
> (Although, I must wonder, why do you need to wait for the
> lunchbox to appreciate to 40$? Why would you even want to sell
> it, anyway?)
> :] Lia
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