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My brilliant fiancee just reminded me that with all the talk about San
Diego Con, no one has mentioned the planning of GROOPFEST.... Gary, aren't
you supposed to get the gourd rolling on that when you see Sergio this
year?  Keep in mind, you have the hopes and dreams of the Groop riding on
your back on this one GARY! (no pressure.).  .... put it this way, you guys
know me, I won't go to anything unless it's a block away... but my finacee
and I will definitely go to GROOPFEST when it happens. (in Ojai, CA right?)
 Also, we should get a definite date planned in advance, those of us who
have to schedule vacation time, could do so.  Also, (again) perhaps if
enough of us go, we could all get a "groop" discount at a local hotel?
(... oh god...a groopers convention...)

~Nate~ Go with Gourd, Gary.
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