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Hi Folks!

Not to worry Mr. Electrified Sparky UrineToast!  Discussing the
possibilities and logistics of setting up GrooFest 2000 (Groopfest?  or Mike
S.'s idea: Groopapalooza?)  with Sergio is on my "Things to do at San Diego"
list.  (yes, I am an incurable list maker-I have to be because my memory is
rather chaotic.  I can remember obscure sports statistics and movie plots I
haven't seen in 20 years, but I sometimes can't remember things from a few
days ago or what I was talking about 5 minutes ago. Hmmm.  Now what was I
talking about? Oh, yeah!)

Anyway, the idea of getting Groopies together in Ojai for some goofiness,
lunch at a local restaurant, and a tour of his studio was actually Sergio's
idea.  So hopefully it will still sound good to him and we can start
figuring out how to pull it off so it will not mess up his regular schedule
and deadlines too much.  My impression from things Mark has told us and
things Sergio said the few times I've met him is that he is very fed up with
signing stuff and doing drawings for folks whose intention is to turn around
and sell the signed stuff for inflated prices and see what they can get for
the sketches on ebay!  I actually witnessed a dealer sending over his kid to
get Sergio to sign multiple copies of stuff. (It ticked Sergio off, but then
he signed them anyway.)   But he still loves to meet (and do quick little
sketches for) REAL fans who just think its too cool to meet the actual
artist and get something signed that reminds them of the meeting, something
they would never think of selling.   As for nutballs like us (and the
biggest nutballs like me), well that's another story.  But like I said,
GroopFest was Sergio's idea and I am hopeful it will all work out.

Take care all-Gary "Overly long-winded as usual" Grossmann.

PS  I have been so busy with work and keeping my house from falling apart
that I actually haven't had much Groo time lately.  I need to update my list
and mention some new Groo sightings.

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From: Nate Piekos <nate@piekosarts.com>
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Date: Saturday, July 31, 1999 8:37 AM

>My brilliant fiancee just reminded me that with all the talk about San
>Diego Con, no one has mentioned the planning of GROOPFEST.... Gary, aren't
>you supposed to get the gourd rolling on that when you see Sergio this
>year?  Keep in mind, you have the hopes and dreams of the Groop riding on
>your back on this one GARY! (no pressure.).  .... put it this way, you guys
>know me, I won't go to anything unless it's a block away... but my finacee
>and I will definitely go to GROOPFEST when it happens. (in Ojai, CA right?)
> Also, we should get a definite date planned in advance, those of us who
>have to schedule vacation time, could do so.  Also, (again) perhaps if
>enough of us go, we could all get a "groop" discount at a local hotel?
>(... oh god...a groopers convention...)
>~Nate~ Go with Gourd, Gary.
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