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Assessing Your Web Site - Jayde.com newsletter

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                   Jayde.com Member Newsletter
                          July 30, 1999
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1.)... About This Newsletter

2.)... Assessing Your Web Site, an article by Control V Interactive.

3.)... Improve Your Search Engine Position
4.)... E-Commerce Summit Announcement


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1.) About This Newsletter

JaydeNews is an optional bi-weekly newsletter available to those who
submitted their website to the jayde.com search engine and directory. 

Jayde.com is a search engine that contains only the best and most 
relevant sites on the web! The Jayde newsletter focuses on improving
and popularizing all web sites in our directory. If you would like
to submit an article for a future issue of this newsletter please 
send it to info@jayde.com.


2.) How To Assess and Improve Your Web Site

By http://www.controlv.com

Whether we are beginning Web masters or ?Net vets, we all are guilty of
neglecting key elements of site development from time to time. Below are
five tips highlighting the more obvious areas of site functionality.

Tip #1: Watch Your Speed
Site speed is measured by the time required for a user to download and view 
your initial Web page at 28,800 BPS over a dial-up connection. Although 
many people use faster modems and T1 lines, it is important to keep this 
lowest common denominator in mind. The Internet community has adopted five 
to ten seconds as the optimal download time for a site?s entry page. If 
your page takes too long to download, consider using a gif or jpg optimizer 
that can decrease download time.


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Tip #2: Know Where You?re Going
Site navigation functions must be easy to locate, intuitive,
logical in function and consistently applied throughout the site.
Mouse-overs and image-swapping can assist in site navigation and are
accepted by site visitors, provided the load times are not negatively
affected and the effect is consistent. The number-one turn-off in site
navigation is broken links.

Tip #3: Image is Everything.
Right brain vs. left brain. Creative vs. functional. Your site?s image
must visually and professionally reflect the nature of your site. Any site 
can be functional, but the more successful sites have an extremely 
attractive, high-end, often-subtle look and feel that leaves the visitor 
with an indelible impression of quality. Basic design elements can help 
improve your image.  Appearances are greatly enhanced by using no more than 
two type faces on a  given page and scaling down the font to an adequate 
size. The normal setting for font size is not always the proper size for 
site content; a smaller size  usually works best.

Tip #4: Reel ?em in
Do your visitors stay or do they jump around briefly and leave? "Site 
Pull" addresses a site?s ability to pull or attract guests. By 
incorporating proper elements and strategies, you can create "stickiness" 
to keep your guests coming back for more. The number-one draw for 
like-minded guests is a forum in which they can communicate. Does your site 
have a message board system?

Tip #5: Sell Yourself
Site "push, otherwise known as push technology, is concerned with whether
your site proactively ?pushes? your products or services to your guests. 
You can easily implement several non-offensive yet aggressive selling
techniques. The number-one push technique is a "listbot" service. By
offering your guests a product or service in return for their e-mail
address, you generate a client database that can be mined with future
products and services.

For a more in-depth look at other tools and techniques and how they can
affect your site, visit the Control V site assessment at:

Control V Interactive is a Web-design company that has been delivering
high-end Internet development to companies around the world since 1995.


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