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Groo skin

Hi all groopers !

I found the most incredibly stupid software of all time ! If there was a
Groo award, it would win hands down. The name is SnowBall and it's.... yes,
a snowball simulation ! You know ? These plastic balls where it snows if you
shake them. Totally useless, and so much fun. It's a free app downloadable
from there :

But there is more : you can "skin" it, ie put every drawing (including one
you draw yourself) to replace the default one. In the lastest version, you
can even replace the snow particles by something else.

I plan to do a Groo skin for it. Especially since I run a web site about
skins, including SnowBall skins ( http://www.glabouni.com ). Would you give
me the permission to distribute it on my site, Mark ? The idea would be to
scan the photo on the sculpture's box ("cheese dip ?"), my personal prize
possession, and to put it under a transparent dome. It could snow some mulch
or cheese dip, I didn't decided yet. The copyright could be on the base of
the ball, and so would be conspicuous. Needless to say, all the skins are
free, too.

Greetings from Paris (France)

Professeur Schloubidou