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> Nate Piekos wrote:
> > ~~~ So then I bought 4 college ruled notebooks! (pssst, hey guys, let's
> > pretend that while TGD was away, this turned into the "College Ruled
> > Notebook List".... he'll be baffled! Shhh!)
> > 
> > ~Nate~ College ruled baby.
> binder style or spiral bound??! Don't leave us hanging like this,
> Nate!!
> Kevin

Or is it those notebook leaves? You know, the ones you put into binders? If
it is, what kind of binder type notebook is it?Does it have 3 holes, 6
holes or what? 
C'mon Nate, this isn't funny anymore.

(Oh, right. Hey Nate, has he been told that when you put stuff into
parenthesis, that they can only be read by the people you address it to?)

(Guys: I won't tell if you won't.)