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I feel so welcome!

I mean you guys think I'm SO special that my return is second only to the 
topic of college ruled notebooks!  I must be dreaming, I had no idea I was so 
important to you all!

(BTW, Nate, since no one else can read this I guess it's OK to discuss our 
plans of Groop domination).

Could someone please give me a brief synopsis of the recycled and overdone 
running jokes of the last 8 weeks?  

I would also like to know what software everyone used to design his website.  
I too am unhappy with the limitations of Netscape Composer.

I love you guys!


PS:  My personal stand is we go with engineering style writing tablets.  
They're spiral bound on the top so that even freak lefties can use them.  
They are also partitioned with a red line right down the middle of the pages, 
which are yellow, so people with split personalities don't have to fight with 
themselves over prime writing territory.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?