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Re: Thanks

>Could someone please give me a brief synopsis of the recycled and overdone
>running jokes of the last 8 weeks?

Well, let's see...Gary was Erin, but now he's Gary again. And Groo must be
hiding in his house, because it's all falling apart, especially his
pumphouse. Have you looked for him in there, Gary? Nate, who's also Sparky,
almost did himself in with an electrical appliance, and thereby cementing
his Sparky name. He also found out, because Gary used brackets instead of
parentheses, that he's the son of Gary and yours truly, Glorko from the
planet Zarquon. Fortunately, he hasn't started asking for money yet or to
borrow the car keys. Kevin, as usual, is confused. Mark never comments on
this stuff, being intelligent enough to stay above it. Azamin continues to
give us all the world football news, although us bewildered yanks haven't
the slightest idea what he's talking about. I finally put a cartoon on the
Mulch! page. We had a new person join the groop named Nightflower or
something and she got all sorts of discussion going and I think we scared
her off, because we haven't heard from her since. It takes a strong person
to be in the Groop! "Did I err?" was the most-used running joke of the last
8 weeks, unless you want to include Nate himself. Exclamation points have
been banned by the mayor, Blade Harvey. Others may add their own

Welcome back TGD! You were missed!

Glorko (sometimes known as Chris)