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Re: Thanks (& Erin)

See TDG, things have been pretty mundane and dull around here.  I do want to
clarify a couple things Glorko... I mean Chris mentioned.  First of all, I
no longer even have a pump house, which is fine as long as it
dosen't..[pitter-patter drip, drip, sprinkle]...rain.

Also about the Erin thing.  Erin is my son's girl friend.  Except now Erin
is my other son's girl friend.  No, no. Not the same Erin.  The other Erin.
No, no.  Not the Erin who was me. That Erin was my first son's Erin.  Except
it wasn't her and it wasn't me either.  No, no, no!  There is not a fourth
Erin.  There is not even a third Erin!  The Erin who was not the third or
the fourth Erin and is not me is Cyber-Erin.  Is this becoming clear?  You
see for a long time there was just one Erin, who was not me, but who was,
and is, my son's girl friend.  But then I switched computers and somehow
Cyber-Erin was created and everyone thought she was me, but she was not me,
which was a big relief to my wife Becky, except I guess somtimes I was,
without realizing it.  Cyber-Erin, I mean.  Anyway, my son's girl friend
Becky... No!  You pervert, not the same Becky, a different Becky!  No, I
only have two sons!  Where was I?  My son's girl friend Becky called him up
at camp because the lizard died and he broke up with her.   No, not because
of the lizard!  He's not that kind of guy!  Anyway, then he got together
with Erin, the Erin that is not my first son's Erin, but who is a real Erin,
as opposed to Cyber-Erin, who is dead and was never real anyway.  There I
hope you understand now.

The preceding story is true. [Bum ba-dum-dum] (I swear it really is!)  The
names have been kept the same to confuse the guilty. [Bum ba-dum-DUM!]

btw, have you heard about the Maluuluu's Dunobian Vortex Proposition?  Well,
don't worry about it.  And don't pee on any electric fences either.

Take care TGD and the rest of you too.  -Gary G. (at least I was the last
time I checked)

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Date: Sunday, August 01, 1999 9:31 AM
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>>Could someone please give me a brief synopsis of the recycled and overdone
>>running jokes of the last 8 weeks?
>Well, let's see...Gary was Erin, but now he's Gary again. And Groo must be
>hiding in his house, because it's all falling apart, especially his
>pumphouse. Have you looked for him in there, Gary? Nate, who's also Sparky,
>almost did himself in with an electrical appliance, and thereby cementing
>his Sparky name. He also found out, because Gary used brackets instead of
>parentheses, that he's the son of Gary and yours truly, Glorko from the
>planet Zarquon. Fortunately, he hasn't started asking for money yet or to
>borrow the car keys. Kevin, as usual, is confused. Mark never comments on
>this stuff, being intelligent enough to stay above it. Azamin continues to
>give us all the world football news, although us bewildered yanks haven't
>the slightest idea what he's talking about. I finally put a cartoon on the
>Mulch! page. We had a new person join the groop named Nightflower or
>something and she got all sorts of discussion going and I think we scared
>her off, because we haven't heard from her since. It takes a strong person
>to be in the Groop! "Did I err?" was the most-used running joke of the last
>8 weeks, unless you want to include Nate himself. Exclamation points have
>been banned by the mayor, Blade Harvey. Others may add their own
>Welcome back TGD! You were missed!
>Glorko (sometimes known as Chris)