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That Bubble, what a kidder!

Bubble:  HAHAHA!  How funny!  Me, a "man in bag"?!  What a ridiculous notion!

(So, my talkative friend, we meet again.  You thought to thwart me this time 
by revealing my secret identity and informing the country of the government's 
secret Groo-hoarding agenda?!  Well, no matter, no one will believe you.  And 
don't go anywhere, I have some "friends" who want to "talk" to you.  You'll 
know them by their tazers.)

Gabe:  Did anyone inform you that it's not a good idea to stand TOO close to 
the reactor?

As to Gary's problem:  Well, let's just say the cloning thing got out of hand 
this summer, OK?

All:  Did the dream team (Mark y Sergio o' course) produce any new wonderment 
this summer?  I haven't been to a comic store in ages.

-TGD (NOT a Man in Bag)

PS:  And, in case you guys were wondering, no terribly advanced alien 
civilization called the Ch'ratcha from the horsehead nebula is planning 
global colonization and the extinction of all human kind save those who help 
them in their quest.  Really.  

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?