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Re: That Bubble, what a kidder!

> Bubble:  HAHAHA!  How funny!  Me, a "man in bag"?!  What a ridiculous
> (So, my talkative friend, we meet again.  You thought to thwart me this
> by revealing my secret identity and informing the country of the
> secret Groo-hoarding agenda?!  Well, no matter, no one will believe you. 
> don't go anywhere, I have some "friends" who want to "talk" to you. 
> know them by their tazers.)

(Don't you see, Dan, that by revealing the plot this way...everyone will
think it is so ridiculous it couldn't possibly be true. Now nobody will
ever suspect. Btw, I actually did 2 comic strips...and only Urinetoast has
seen the other one. Did they teach you the cool dance moves while you were

(Noooo. You're making a big mistake...I WASN'T snitching! Aaargh.....)

(Oh and I'm glad you're back too.)

What? Can't a person post anything without actually posting anything?

-I guess we should all cut down on empty posts. I will if you will.
(remember guys, I'm whispering, and whispering doesn't count.)