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Hi guys/grrls!

Vaughn wrote:
Some of us have been collecting Sergio's MAD books. I
believe there are a
total of 16 of them. Does anyone know if he/they are
publishing new ones?
That is, should we be expecting new ones in the future?

ME: No one is publishing any MAD paperbacks -- by Sergio or anyone
else.  There are a few larger format collections of MAD reprints in
the store but none by individual artists.

There's the Totally MAD CD ROM collection with 500 issues of material that's scheduled to be released soon.

Gabe wrote:
Huh. I'm a southpaw, but I use the mouse with my right hand.

Hmm ... must be a lefty freak ...

I write with my right hand and use a mouse with my left hand,
although I could write with my left hand, but that wouldn't
be right ...  Hmm ... must be a righty freak ...

Bubble wrote:
Oh yeah?
Well, well...
uh, well, us lefties can utilize the new kind of mouse which
has the scrolling thing. So there.
( Boo hoo hoo....them leftie freaks are pickin' on me again. >Waaaaah!)

Huh? Now I'm confused. Well, actually, I was confused before that ... If you're a lefty ("us lefties"), how can them leftie freaks be pickin' on ya?

Gary -- sorry Erin died.  :(

See you.


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