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Groo Sightings

Hi Folks!

Time for a belated Groo & Sergio Sighting update. First, THANKS SO MUCH to Ralph, Volker, René, and anybody I’m forgetting. Also, my Australian Groo buddies can stop looking for the "Sergio’s MAD Australian Tour" book that Mike S. alerted us to.  I have located a copy and it will be winging (swimming?) its way to me shortly. Thanks for your efforts.

Another Poster!!!! As a promo to the German version of the first Dark Horse Mini-Series Trade paperback, Dino, the publisher produced a 17" x 23" poster. It is cool and very interesting. They took the Groo Logo and much of the background from the Dark Horse promo poster. But apparently they thought Groo & Rufferto were too sedate in the original, so they replaced them with wilder drawings. You can see where they had to fill in parts of the original drawing where they removed Groo’s leg. Also the replacement drawing is obviously blown up because the lines are so thick. I haven’t placed where it came from yet.

Old Groo Sighting!! I just received a copy of Comic Collector #6 Winter 1985 (Winter of 1984-85). There is a one-page article about Groo’s switch to Epic/Marvel. The cover has a Groo drawing taken from the cover of Pacific #3, but in the center of the one-page article is a drawing of Groo & Chakaal I don’t remember seeing before. It’s obviously blown up, but Chakaal’s proportions are different, more cartoony. The drawing is dated 1983. Maybe it was published somewhere else, I’ll have to do some research. An interesting error in the article is that it says Mark translates Sergio’s stories from Spanish.

This is not correct. Mark translates them from Sergioese.

There was not a Groo in MAD #384, breaking a 7 issue streak where there was.

Oh, and this is for Ruben. I got a hold of a publication called "The Crystal Skull Files". It has a rendition of the comic’s hero, "Terry Freedom" by Sergio and a Sergio self-caricature on page 105. No Groo. It was done for Mike , the creator, at the 1994 Chicago comic con and used with Sergio’s permission. For more details, Ruben, e-mail me.

Take care all -Gary G.

PS  Erin says Hi!  So does the other Erin.  But not Cyber-Erin.  Cyber Erin is Dead!