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Message From the Real Erin (Confused yet?)

First of all, this is *not* Gary trying to bamboozle anyone any more than he
already has.  Yes indeed, this is the fabled Erin.  The *real* Erin, not the
Cyber-Erin.  The girlfriend of two years to Gary's oldest son. That is me.
Not the other Erin, who is the recently acquired girlfriend of Gary's
youngest son.  I guess you could call me the original Erin, since I was
there first.

I had just heard that somebody questioned as to whether or not I was dead
(as opposed to Cyber-Erin, who actually is not dead.  She can't die because
she never existed to begin with), and I felt the need to point out that I am
indeed alive, and that I do exist (just as Erin exists, but not Cyber-Erin,
who does not exist).

Got it?  *evil grin*

Erin M. Curtis

P. S. I've got dental records if you don't believe me.  :)