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Re: Sports/Future GROO!

>Did I err?,  Sorry  Nate   errrrr.... Erin (which one is his correct name
  I thought you started to like sports.
> Azamin.

~~~ No, I'm just excited about being alive for them a millenia from now....
as long as I'm Erin.  I wonder if there will be GROO then?  You'll probably
have to buy it as a special cortical stimulator, where you stick it in your
eye and it feeds a multimedia version of GROO into your brain... but I'm
sure it'll still have the same jokes.

~Na.. uh, Erin.  (I think this is my 6th post of the day, I'll quit now
before I break any records... and by tomorrow, I promise, no more Erin jokes.)
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