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Erin(s) & Lefties & Wheel mice...

I check the Groop mail daily and there's virtually
nothing.  I leave for a few days, due to computer
related problems (can anyone say Windows-98) and
there's over a hundred messages in my in-box.

Anyway, here goes:

Erin(s), or Gary(s), or whatever(s)... I generally
find it simpler to deal with multiple people with
the same names by attaching numbers.  (I once had
a class with six "Alex"-es {or is that "Alexii"}
in it.  The confusion it caused in the first day
of class was memorable.  The teacher still hasn't

Since the left hemesphere of the brain controls the
right half of the body, and vice versa.  (Betcha' didn't
think I didn't know much about brains didn'd you; you
know, following Groo and all...)  So "...people who
use their left hands are in their right minds..."

I use a wheel mouse with my left hand and it works fine.
As for you righties, how maney of you could do a
"Sho-Ryu-Ken" with your right hands?  HUH??

Well... that's if for now.  'kay bye...

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