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San Diego

psst!  hey!  Is Cyber Erin around?  No?  Good!  She's after me ya know. Haven't had this much trouble since the Title Maiden problem.   
Anywho, those of you going to San Diego can come out of hiding after Friday cuz I won't be there after then.  My plans have changed because my daughter is going to be in a 3 on 3 basketball tourney on Saturday.  So after seeing the Eisner awards, assuming I can get in, (Stan has been nominated in THREE (3) categories -2 for Usagi and one for lettering plus Sergio is up for Groo), I'll be catching a red eye home.  I'll be sorry to miss the Cartoon Voice Actors and especially June Foray (Hokey Smokes!) but it's my daughter, so it's a no brainer.  I'm glad the Groo panel is Friday cuz Daughter-In-Basketball-Tourney is infinitely more important than anything Groo.  (Gasp, did he really say that?!?!) 
Also, I'll be on full-blown family vacation from Sat. through Wed., so unless I do some quickie mail checking Wed. night, I'll be gone from the Groop for a week and have not been abducted by aliens (or Cyber-Erin)  
btw,  Add Martin from Germany to the list of folks I thanked yesterday!  Someday, I will have to get to Germany to see all my German Groo Friends!!!   (The we can all take a trip to Turkey and find the elusive Turkish Groos!!!)
Anywho, take care -Gary G.