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Re: Upon meeting Groo . . .


Invite him in for some cheese dip, get his autograph and then invite him to go
deep sea fishing with me in my new boat! ( oh yeah, I would take his picture
also and sell it to Gary/Erin for an exorbitant amount! )

Finn Smith wrote:

> Here's a question that should harvest some interesting answers:
> You're on your way to your car (from your house) and you are fumbling around
> for your car keys.  When you look up, Groo is standing there between you and
> your vehicle, with the requisite "slow of mind" look on his face.  Once you
> get over the initial shock of seeing a cartoon Groo in an otherwise
> real-life setting, what do you do?
> P.S. In this scenario, Rufferto is not around.  Keep in mind that in this
> fantasy Groo is very much "alive" --- he's not simply some cardboard
> stand-up that Sergio and Mark propped up in your yard to get a reaction.
> And now, the fun begins . . .
> finn
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