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Re: Upon meeting Groo . . .

I press the "Arm" button on the car alarm remote.  As the "doot-doot"
distracts Groo, I reach into my pocket and pull out my trusty tub of
toxic orange goo (Aka Old Dutch Cheese Dip), open it up, and toss it his
way like some hellish tear gas grenade.  Then, when he's finished it
(before I can blink), and I feel he is quite sedated, I pull out my
giant sized ink eraser and rub him out of the real-world.  Of course,
I'd keep the eraser bits and mail them to Gary.....  <evil grin>


Finn Smith wrote:
> You're on your way to your car (from your house) and you are fumbling around
> for your car keys.  When you look up, Groo is standing there between you and
> your vehicle, with the requisite "slow of mind" look on his face.  Once you
> get over the initial shock of seeing a cartoon Groo in an otherwise
> real-life setting, what do you do?