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Hi guys/grrls!

Once again, if you'd like a letter delivered
to Sergio, I can deliver it for you.  Can't
guarantee that he'll read it, just that he'll
get it at the (San Diego Comic Con).  Of course,
there are no prizes anymore for the letters
(sorry), since Sergio is reluctant to sign
stuff.  If you'd like a letter delivered, you
can send it to me (ericchun@hotmail.com) with
the subject line "Please Deliver to Sergio
Aragones" or something like that.  Offers ends
on Monday, Aug. 9.  I thinketh this is the
5th time delivering letters.  The prior times,
Sergio read the letters on the spot.  Of course,
2 of the times, only Ruben sent in a letter ...

See you.


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