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Re: Sergio's Phantom Menace in MAD

Hi guys/grrls!

Also, there's a story in the Bros. Grimm book
that just came out on Wednesday.

See yo.


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From: Slaubau@IPFW.EDU (Slaubaugh,Mike)
To: groop@groo.com
Subject: Sergio's Phantom Menace in MAD
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 14:54:01 -0400

     Sergio occupies 7 pages in the lastest issue of MAD (#385, Sept 1999),
     the most pages he's ever had in a regular issue.  All seven pages are
     devoted to The Phantom Menace.  MAD's satire of the movie itself
     finally appears...only two months after the movie was released!  To
     follow up on Gary's comment, Groo fails to appear for the second
     consecutive issue.  Mike S.

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