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Groo Trading Cards / Totally MAD

Hi guys/grrls!

There's an unopened box of Groo trading cards for
auction on Ebay.


Totally MAD $57.17 + postage

Every Issue of MAD Magazine on CD-ROM!*

This amazing collection contains over 20,000 pages of MAD Magazine
from 1952 through 1998 -- digitally reproduced for the highest quality
screen graphics and printing. Browse hundreds of MAD covers. Use the
powerful and flexible V8 search engine to easily find your favorite features,
artists and characters. See animated MAD cartoons and watch interactive
MAD Fold-Ins fold before your eyes!

*Does not include foreign editions, pale MAD imitations or issues of the
magazine published after December 1998



                                Product Specs:

                                 Media: 7 CD-ROM
                                 Type of Application: Entertainment

Over 500 issues of MAD Magazine including all cover variations
All MAD Super Specials
Animated MAD cartoons
View every page with startling (and disturbing) clarity
High-quality images of low-quality humor
Powerful search engine helps you locate everything quickly and
Print any area you select (and then line your birdcage with it)
Desktop theme to drive your computer interface MAD
Images of bonus items such as stickers, posters, maps, postcards
and labels
FREE roll of MAD toilet paper in every box!

                                 Packaging: Retail box

                                System Requirements:

System: IBM® PC or compatible with Pentium® 90MHz processor
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/NT®
Memory: 32MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 30MB free
Drive: 2X CD-ROM
Video: SVGA (640 x 480, 16-bit color)
Audio: Windows-compatible sound card and speakers
Other: Microsoft mouse or compatible; Printer, modem and Internet
access optional


Within 30 days from purchase: Please email egghead.com at
customerservice@egghead.com for a return authorization.

After 30 days: Please refer to the warranty information included with the
product packaging.

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