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Back Online

Howdy Groop,

I'm back online, have sporadic internet access, and can access email

So if anyone is interested I am temporarily at grooless@yahoo.com 

And I got my first instalment of Groop posts forwarded to me since the
end of March. Nooooooo  - Gary don't count up and tell me how many
posts I missed !

Good news is my Comic store agent, (Mark One Comics and Games, Victoria
Street, Hamilton, New Zealand - free plug) Has been keeping all
Sergio/Mark etc publications and reprints for me until I return to NZ
for a big Groo-Hit. Which is pretty darn good customer service since I
don't pay him till I get back.

All praise Chris from Mark One.

Good to start hearing from you groopers again.


Greg Craill
Sunbaked in Saudi
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