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Groo dream

Had this bizarre dream last night....

Dreamed that I was back in high school, and Sergio was a guset of the art
department and was holding a demonstration.  A drafting table was set up in
the middle of the room and students lined the room in a circle.  So finally
Serio comes out, sits down and starts drawing.  Now from my vantage point,
I can't see anything, so I'm not a happy camper.  Then the teacher yells,
"Rotate!" and the whole line of students moves a 1/4 turn around the room
and I can see finally!  But 2 seconds later... "Rotate"  So basically, you
have a ring of students walking around the perimiter of the room..... after
the demonstration, I snuck into a back room and got to meet Sergio
(something I've never done),  and ask him a few questions, but he kept
insisting that if I wanted answers, I had to drive him to the airport!

Pretty bizarre huh?  Maybe it's because I went to see The Sixth Sense last
night.... incredibly good movie by the way.  It's Suspense, horror, love
story and drama all rolled into one... with an ending that will stun you.
Probably one of the best I've seen all year believe it or not... if it
doesn't win best screenplay, I'll be very upset.  Now THAT kid should have
played Anakin.

Nate Piekos        nate@piekosarts.com
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