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Re: New Cartoon/web site

--- Finn Smith <mulch3@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone.  In light of last weeks barrage of
> Groo-related movie 
> quotes, I thought I'd share the following
> information:
>   A coworker of mine has a relatively new website
> and he's asked me to 
> contribute a cartoon each week.  If anyone is
> interested, the site's address 
> is: www.gotmovietrivia.com. Got Movie Trivia's topic
> concerns movie/film 
> trivia and famous movie quotes.
> The cartoon is entitled "Pinched Films". "Pinched
> Films" takes two movies 
> (which are very dissimiliar in nature) and infuses a
> character from one film 
> with the setting of another film.  Sometimes it's
> funny and sometimes it's 
> not, but it's something I think some of you might
> find interesting.  There 
> are two cartoons available to view at this time.
> (How many of you ordered the Groo lunchbox?)
> Grooly,
> finn
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Hi Groopies, or Groophanatics, whichever you prefer. Anyway, as someone
who has much mulch to take care of, i dont have time to write any of
you. But, on an unrelated Groo subject, i did see the film  "mysetery
men" based upon some dark horse comic which I've never read- and, it
was quite good! Those of you living in the USA here should check it
out, and the rest of you should look for it in your countries whenever
it comes out in Oslo, Istanbul, Des Moines or whereever you might be!
Take care, Tilly
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