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Re: Convention

Greg Craill wrote:

> Wish I could go, have fun all who do.
> > All of us, plus Scott Allie (our
> > Dark Horse editor) will be on the GROO panel.
> If a friendly Grooper out there is going to the Groo Panel, and happens
> to snap a "Groop" photo of Sergio, Mark, Stan, Tom, and Allie at the
> panel and scan/email it to me I would be appreciative.

I too wish to be there but I can't as I'm living on the other side of the
globe, here in Malaysia.  So Gary,
here, I grant you the honor  to act on behalf of me at that convention.
Say Hi to all the Groo crews for me.
(btw Gary or anybody else, Can you send me pictures at the convention?)

The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper..