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Re: Friday the 13th

If you were to ask Groo, I'm sure he'd say that his 'day' would be when
April Fools Day falls on Friday 13th!


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From: Nate Piekos <nate@piekosarts.com>
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Date: 13 August 1999 16:07
Subject: Friday the 13th

>Well, since I'm sure 80% of the list is on their way to San Diego, here's
>something for the rest of us "non-San Diego" folks to ponder..... it's
>Friday the 13th.  If there was going to be an official GROO day, would this
>be it?  The only other candidate would be April Fools day, but I think
>Friday the 13th is a better fit, since bad luck is more closely associated
>with GROO (or those people around him)....
>~Nate~ Who's practically all alone today at work.... aaahhh the quiet.
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