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Re: Nat'l Groo Day (& SD Con)

Hey, for some of us, everyday IS National Groo Day!  Well, almost everyday.

Hi Folks!  First the important news.  My daughter and her two teammates made
it to the semi's of the 3 on 3 basketball tournament.  Going 3-2 overall and
losing only to the 2 eventual finalists.

Two days at the con was great!  In addition to plenty of time with all 4
Groo Crew folks, also saw Shane, Eric, and Josh.  I'm afraid they were
unfortuante enough to catch in one of my more wound up modes and listened to
me babble on relentlessly after the Groo panel.  Details on stuff later.

Biggest Groopie News:  GrooFest 2000 is on!!!  All we have to do is figure
out the logistics.  Details later.

Stupidest news:  I just checked ebay and less than 24 hours after they were
released by Dark Horse, someone already has one of the new Groo & Rufferto
signing card signed by Sergio on for $10.00.  DON'T bid on it.  I already
have a few for some of you and Sergio says we can get others later.

I owe personal messages to some of you regarding the con that I should be
sending within 24 hours.

Take care all -Gary G.

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>Everyday should be Groo-Day.
>                                            -Saad
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