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Chad & Mike's posting

Hi Folks!

No time for Con report yet, but re. Chad and Mike's posts:

Mark put in a Groo grams way back in the 80's that Groo appeared in at least
one of Sergio's little Bloopers animation bumpers.  I didn't watch Bloopers
and didn't have a VCR at the time anyway, so it remains one of those Groo
sightings I will never get.  (Until I become an industry wide known comedy
writer (like Mark), work with and become friends with Dick Clark (like Mark)
and get his permission to look through all the Blooper episodes in the Dick
Clark archives to find the one with Groo, using all my voluminous spare time
which (like Mark)  I do not have.)  Incidently, Sergio does not remember
putting Groo in a Bloopers animation bumper.

OK, new Groo sightings

USA Today August 13, Page 8E  There is an article about MAD and a little
article within it about Sergio.  Within that article is a Sergio sketch of
him on the phone to a USA Today guy and includes a little Groo head in the
background.  All day Friday, everyone who knew me at the Con was asking if
I'd seen it and telling me I had to buy the paper.  Fortunately, I subscribe
to it for the Sports Section, so I knew it was waiting for me at home.

The ComicCon program has a full page drawing (pg. 131) by Sergio with a
giant birthday cake for the 30th anniversary of the con.  Groo is in it, of
course. The whole con program is cool and in addition to a bunch of artists
with contributions like Sergio's, there is a BIG Pogo section commerating
it's 50th anniversary, including a Pogo page by Carolyn Kelly, daughter of
Walt (Pogo creator) and very special friend of M.E.  She draws just like her

Of course, Dark Horse Presents Jr. just came out with the 8 page Li'l Groo
story also a Li'l Usagi Story.  Original Groo adventure #157.   (149 regular
comics, 2 graphic novels, and six shorts in non-Groo publications) And then
there is that new signing card.

Finally, I'm taking that Swedish publication "MAD's Sergio Aragones" off the
list because Sergio told me that the teeny tiny original Groo I found that
was not on the drawing when it appeared in MAD was not put in there by him.
He doesn't do anything to those big drawings the foreign publications use.
They usually take out the little american words he has put in and replace
them.  In this case, they also drew in a teeny tiny Groo.  I don't care
because it has some of my favorite "A MAD Look At's.." in it.  But it is off
the list.

MY daughter is demanding the computer.

Take care -Gary "too long winded as usual" Grossmann

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>Hey Kids...
>Does anyone have tapes of that show... (with Dick Clark and Ed on that
>god-awful lightbulb set) "Tv's Bloopers and Practical Jokes"?
>I remember Sergio's animations for bumpers in and out, and want to see
>if I can find any Groos running around.
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