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Re: Chad & Mike's posting

Okay, which Erin is it this time? Is it the first Erin, who we all
thought was dead? or the second Erin, girlfriend of Gary's son? or the
third one, who really didn't exist? or was that the dead one? or was the
one who died the girlfriend of Garys' son? ( and what about Maluuluu's
Dunobian Vortex Proposition?,  Did Erin have anything to do with that? )

Lia Bulaong wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Gary said:
> > MY daughter is demanding the computer.
> Hey, her name *isn't* Erin, right?
> Lia
> (and you thought the Erin jokes were over)
> Movie: "The good die first."
> Tom: "But most of us are morally ambiguous, which explains
> our random dying patterns."
>                                                          - MST3K

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