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Re: Groo in swedish Usagi

Hi Oskar!

As big a nutball as I am, I don't go after reprints of Groo Appearances,
even International ones.  What I look for is International reprints and
International original appearances, like that wonderful Swedish Mad with the
original Groo balloon cover you found.   I sure appreciate the offer.  It is
cool that Usagi is finding a market in Europe.  Oddly enough, no one in
Japan wants to publish it.
Take care -Gary G.

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From: Oskar Sjöström <ozkhaar@hotmail.com>
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Date: Sunday, August 15, 1999 12:00 PM
Subject: Groo in swedish Usagi

>Groo appears in a Usagi comicbook. I guess all of you know this, but that
>book also has been released in swedish version. Therefor, all you Gary-like
>maniacs probably want your hands on it. Let me know and I'll see what I can
>I've found some copies of the Swedish Mad issue with Groo on the
>They were all in bad condition. But if you do not mind and want one anyway,
>let me know.
>Take care,
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