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Re: saw the panel!

--- Josh 'Evening Optimist' Jones <josh@newdream.net> wrote:
> Woke up on Friday, August 13th (hmm..) and decided
> being the groo.com and
> groop@groo.com guy I should really try and get down
> to San Diego (from LA)
> and see the groo panel. After asking six people to
> borrow their car I
> finally just settled on taking my friend Dallas'
> since he was asleep and
> it's easier to beg forgiveness than permission I've
> found.
> I left around 11am in an attempt to get to the panel
> by 1:30pm some 100
> miles down the 5. I ended up just barely making it
> after getting a
> speeding ticket and actually showed up well before
> Sergio himself
> saundered in. After the panel I got so see Gary's
> rare collection of Groo
> #1's in Swedish, Finnish, Norweigan, Danish,
> Turkish, Brazilian, etc.. and
> then I made a quick tour around the convention
> before heading back up (So
> Dallas wouldn't be TOO angry about his car). I took
> the $40 parking ticket
> off my car and bought $20 worth of gas to please the
> car owner and drove
> about 12 miles before getting stuck in horrible
> traffic (it was about 5pm
> on Friday). and so stopped at a mall for about 90
> minutes before
> continuing on my way.
> That little trip ended up costing me about $240 it
> turned out! But I
> wasn't really too surprised. One has to realize what
> they're getting into
> when they set out on Friday the 13th to go to a
> _Groo_ panel!
> Dallas chewed me out when I got back.
> Josh
>   Josh  |  josh@newdream.net
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>  Jones  |  http://josh.newdream.net
Groo in Turkish- my father's native tongue! Wow! As they would say in
the old country- inanilmaz bir sey- or, as we would say here "hard to believe":)
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