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Re: Nat'l Groo Day (& SD Con)

Stupidest news: I just checked ebay and less than 24 hours after they were released by Dark Horse, someone already has one of the new Groo & Rufferto signing card signed by Sergio on for $10.00. DON'T bid on it. I already have a few for some of you and Sergio says we can get others later.

Really now!?!?! That's it... that's the last straw... I'm going to Ebay and I'm going to email this clown and ask him what he expects to gain from it?

In fact, for every person that bids, Gary and I should contact that bidder and let that bidder know, that for the price of a self-addressed stamped envelope, he or she can reveive the same thing from Sergio!!!!!

Wouldn't that be an insult!!!

Dr. Clarke sac@foolarchy.com

backslash dot com all day long!