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Hi guys/grrls!

Ruben -- your mail was delivered to Sergio!

Two days at the con was great!  In addition to plenty
of time with all 4 Groo Crew folks, also saw Shane,
Eric, and Josh.

Scott Hudlow was also there (Saturday).

Right before the Groo panel, M.E. asked how many people
in the room were on the Groo mailing list.  5 people
raised their hand (Gary, Josh, Shane, me, and ?).  I
think the 5th person was Dana Gabbard.  Gary, Josh, and
I were sitting in the front row.  May have pictures of
the panel later (if they come out).

The panel included Sergio Aragones, Mark Evanier, Stan
Sakai, and Scott Allie (Dark Horse editor).  Tom Loth
wasn't there.  Someone named Tom Luth took his place ...

I'm afraid they were unfortuante enough to catch in
one of my more wound up modes and listened to me
babble on relentlessly after the Groo panel.

Right after the Groo panel, I went to the Mutts panel next door. The Mutts panel ended half an hour later. Gary was outside the door, still carrying on relent- lessly with Josh!

A few years ago, I posted that there was a person who
went to the Groo Tour (of comic book stores), and got
a lot of stuff signed with sketches by Sergio, Mark,
and Stan, but he hates Groo.  (Then Lia posted
"Who's this person?  I'm going to teach him the error
of his ways!")  Well, this person went to the Mutts
panel, and walked out behind me.  Gary was there,
with a Groo hat, Groo shirt, Groo car license plate,
Brazilian Groo comics, Spanish Groo comics, Turkish
Groo comics, etc., and Josh was there with his Groo
t-shirt.  Gary still carryied on relentlessly for
another 20 minutes or so.  And all the while I'm
thinking, "Hmmm ... Should I tell Gary and Josh that
this other person listening to them hates Groo?!?)

Also, Gary and I went to Mark's panel (separate from
the Groo panel.

If ya coulda, ya shoulda oughta had been there!!

See you.


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