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Re: Good Posts

Hi guys/grrls!

Gary/Erin wrote:
I'd also probably agree with Erin and Erin, my sons'
girlfriends, Becky and Becky, my wife and former
girlfriend of one of my sons, and Claire, who is my
daughter, not to be confused with Future Claire, who
will probably be a girl friend of one of my sons one
of these days and, of course, Cyber Erin who never
really existed, unless she is dead.


Also, you'll be glad to know that Cyber Erin or the
real Erin, or the other real Erin hasn't killed
Gary/Erin (yet) for his wisecrack about Cyber Erin
posting a message.  This is despite the fact that
they may or may not exist or have existed ...

See you.


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