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San Diego Comic Con

Hi all,

Comic Con International was again great, if not tiring!  I ran into Eric Chun 
on Saturday, who wondered where I was on Friday for the Groo Panel, 
unfortunately we had not made it down to San Diego yet.  I live about four 
hours north, north of Los Angeles.  Eric apparently enjoyed it!  Got to talk 
to Sergio and Stan Sakai, who both won well-deserved Eisner awards for Groo 
and Usagi Yojimbo, respectively.  The highlight of our trip and one of the 
reasons I brought my wife was to look for original art!  As we strolled down 
Artist's Alley, Kristin found two Fanboy pages, which we snatched up from 
Matt Haley, who did pages 2 & 3 from issue 1!!!  We were quite pleased to get 
Sergio Aaragones/Matt Haley art!!  They both signed the pieces, Sergio drew 
two small Finsters, one on each page.  The pages are currently in my office, 
they will probably go to a friend's store for a few days, then under UV glass 
on the walls somewhere!!  I never did see Mark Evanir anywhere, although I 
was told he was around!  I found several Silver Age Green Lanterns and 
Amazing Spiderman to help my collections.  My wife enjoyed meeting Jill 
Thompson, who does the delightful Scary Godmother stores, should be seen by 
everyone and Larry Gonick, who does the Cartoon Guides. He is a real 
intelligent artist, actually having a masters in Math!  Paul, I have the Groo 
Sergio signed, but I need your address again, since I accidently ripped 
through it opening the package!  Take Care.  Scott Hudlow