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My thoughts on the Comic Con

I've been reading that guys response to the e-mails you guys have
written.  What I don't get is if he spent 2 grand on that trip, how is
ten bucks going to help him alleviate the costs?  And if he had to
drive over 3000 miles, how in the heck was he able to get the card on
eBay in less than 24 hours?

Anywho, his reasons just seem fake to me.  By the way, if someone could
send me a scan of that Sergio signing card that would be cool.  Just
send it to my address only, DO NOT send it to the groop as that would
cause some people to be angry(and some people might start cussin! :)

Jacob S.

PS-- If these people keep this scam up, by the time I'll be able the
the Comic Con, Sergio won't be signing any autographs at all!  :(
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