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Re: Voicing my opinion...

Hi everyone,

Shane said:
> Okay.. I've tracked down Garys Ebay culprit.
> For those of you that might want to, here is his email address: 
> promoman@dhc.net

Well, I think his username says it all, doesn't it? Promoman? Jeez.

Best of luck to you and Gary with your plan to email the bidders -- I 
hope it works. It's a shame when people take advantage of 
Sergio's kindness to make a fast buck (talk about fast, this guy 
hardly waited at all, maybe he put it up as soon as he got home).

:] Lia

Movie: "The good die first."   
Tom: "But most of us are morally ambiguous, which explains
our random dying patterns."
                                                         - MST3K