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That E-bay dude...

Ho Groop!

Alas, I couldst not in truth be silent for longer! I didst sendeth a
message to this culprit which doth disturb His Majesty Aragonés faith in
fandom. The message doth read as follows:


I understand that you sell autographs and stuff given for free by
artists. Please stop doing this. You are destroying a lot of artists
faith in their fans. Some poor fellows travel thousands of miles to meet
their favorite artists and maybe get and autograph or sketch in their
sketchbook. If the artists do not make any money from signing
autographs, why should you? Yes some do charge a few bucks- but as far
as I know, this is to discourage people like you and goes to different
charities. Buy a lot of number 1s and sell them when they become
valuable instead. If a trip costs you upwards of 2 thousand dollars
(where do you live, Japan?? :)  ) then I fail to see how 10 bucks  for a
Sergio Aragonés autograph is going to make a difference in your budget
compared to the damage you are doing. Play fair.~