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Re: compost

Hi guys/grrls!

Ken wrote:
I was at the panel and I raised my hand when Mark asked
if anyone was here from the mailing list.

Great -- mystery solved.

I was sitting in the middle of the room wearing a Green
hate with CP in gold on it for Calpoly.

That's good. We hate Calpoly, too. (Just kidding.) I know someone who went to Cal Poly.

Oh yeah, Sergio did have a table after all.  He had
the Groo Houndbook, Boogeyman book, back issues of
Groo, the card game, the expansion set, sketches,
comic book pages, the 3-D book, and trading card art
for sale.

Scott -- congratulations on getting Fanboy pages!

I also purchased an Image Groo #11 page, and Sergio,
Mark, Tom, and Stan were nice enough to sign it.

Albert Moy also has a Fanboy page for sale.  It's
the one with Bruce Timm art, and pulling some-
thing from Finster's mouth (or something like

Stan also had a table, but this time it wasn't next
to Sergio.  It was near the Dark Horse booth.  He
had Usagi book and original art for sale.  Plus,
he had a signing at the Dark Horse booth, with
Usagi character finger puppets, a 15th anniversary
Usagi poster, and the Usagi Dark Horse logo buttons
as giveaways.  And man o man does he sign and sketch
fast.  11 people were in line in front of me, and he
signed and sketched posters and cards for all of them
in less than 5 minutes.

Plus, Gary wasn't really ranting and raving.  (He was
just kidding about that in the earlier message.)

Also, Bubble -- nice Mulch strips!

See you.


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