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RE: E-bay idea...

> The only bad thing about this idea is you can get in hot water with eBay
> by
> contacting bidders like that.
You can always make another account. <<Conspiracitory wink>>  ; )  

Gabe, fed up with scalpers too.
Member of the TRANSFANS MILITIA!  Taking back our TF's by force! : )
Be dangerous... and unpredictable.  And make a lot of noise!
1212 this is just a test

> Joe Fricano wrote:
> > Hey here´s an idea. Why don´t we compose a polite "standard" letter to
> > those "sellers of free art" on e-bay and as soon as someone sees one
> > there we send it to them. We also could help all the bidders by trying
> > to get them the autograph or whatever through the list (if its Groo-crew
> > related). We could then inform the evil sellers that their bidders just
> > got what they are selling for free (in case of autographs...) and if we
> > pester them enough, they might just give up. What say you Groop?
> >
> > Hey Mark! Let the big S know we´re on the case!
> >
> > Them nasty varmints shure ain´t gonna spoil spoil it fer uz!
> >
> > Joe