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Kill em

>PS-- If these people keep this scam up, by the time I'll be able the
>the Comic Con, Sergio won't be signing any autographs at all!  :(

~~~ Enough of this pussy-footin' around.  Let's just find these people,
kill them, and be done with it.  Once 30 or 40 show up in the local papers,
the others will get the hint. ... think about it.  It'll save us the hassle
of e-mailing them to rant.  I'll go get a big heavy rock.... be right back.

~Nate "subtle" P.

(Disclaimer: Nathan David Piekos, his representative companies, trademarks,
green hate, and belly button lint do not condone the use of violence or
murder as an effective tool for a means to an end.  Although your local
government, religious group, or boy scout pack, might.)
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