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Re: Voicing my opinion...

I agree (tm) with Ken. Very good idea. Gary's email of earlier was a good
example. He was forceful and to the point without being impolite. Let's
keep this in mind and see what we can do. It also may give it a bit of
clout to mention our connection with the Groo list. (Hey, they don't know
what a bunch of goofballs we are!)

>     I was thinking perhaps we should come up with a  way to inform those
>who wish to take  advantage of Sergio's scetches. Perhaps I like to
>suggest to the Groop that we watch eBay and when we   see people
>auctioning off signatures/free scetches >from Sergio  that we all email
>the person with a polite explaination of what  they are doing and how it
>ruins something that someone has done unselflish  and dishonors the many
>fans of Groo.   I think if we are polite in our emails and if we  got say,
>10-20 of us to email polite emails  pointing to the person what they are
>doing and such, it might prevent people from doing this and it might  make
>a difference. I think we just need to avoid flaming the person  with hate
>and anger but letting them know what they are doing is  very bad
>ettiquette and very insulting.   --Ken