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My reply... looks familiar, no?

My reply from Promoman:

Sorry you feel that way. I spent over 2000 dollars on the trip and drove
over 3000 miles. Need to get some money back. I love Groo myself. I have
every comic he put out. I really don't understand why he feels that way. If
he or Mark was to ask me to take it off the auction, I would do so gladly.
Sergio has always been my favorite. If you notice, I have other signature
cards from other people. They don't seem to mind.


It looks like a cut and paste job to me. Seems real similiar to what several of us have received.

Well, I just feel better that I voiced my frustrations!

Nate, do you have the phone numbers for any of the employers that take care of the.. er... um "Special Contracts"?

M.E., are you laughing at any of this?