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Send Groo to kill him

> ~~~ Don't forget the killing thing... that's still an option...
> ~Nate
> DISCLAIMER: Nate Piekos has never been seen, or recorded via
> or video/audio means actually killing anyone.  Nor has he ben recorded

> supporting such ideas.  Although there was that episode at WalMart,
but the
> 3rd bloody golfball was never found and the case was dismissed for
lack of
> evidence.

How about we ask Groo to kill this kind of people who sells a free cards
$10.00.  He will kill them many times, not just 40 times.

ps Nate.  I erred This one also is intended for groop.  When I press
reply, it reply tu you instead of groop and I didn't notice it till I
reread the sent messages..  Sorry Nate.