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Selling PromoCards on eBay

It has come to the attention of many of your auction on eBay of a signed
promotion card from the recent comic-con international. I am not sure
how well you are informed but many artists and writers in the industry have
beceome leary of free autographs and sketches because of recent traffic
of their signatures on eBay.
Now, I realize this is a free country of capitalism and there is no law
saying you cannot go on to eBay and auction of items. However,
please consider my thoughts on this.
As dedicated and die hard fans of Mr. Aragones, we support his work and
efforts with true intention. We enjoy the work and stories he puts out with
other talented people in the buisness. For many of us, the chance to
get his signature on a comic book or even a promotion card is a lifetime
dream. To meet someone who we deeply respect and honor and to
go away with a free unselfish gift of a humble signature or sketch would
be great.
As it stands, more and more artists are becoming less likely to sign
anything because less than 24 hours later it is showing up on an on-line
auction or hanging in some comic book store for a price. People who
do not honor or respect the artists as much as die hard fans are simply
trying to gain a profit from a unselfish act. In the end, the artists become
less avaliable to the fans to give them that once in a lifetime chance to
meet them and have their treasured books and items signed.
I would like to ask you to ponder this situation. Imagine someone who
you honored and supported was having his/her unselfish gifts, such
as a signature, sold on the hard cold electronic auction block. How
would you feel to know that because of people trying to make a quick
buck on something they got for nothing would drive someone to
stop giving out signatures or sketches? I realize you are not the only one
doing this. However, every journey starts with a single step. And
every crusade to help end the profiting of comic artists/writer free
con signatures start with a single email.
Thank for you time,