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Re: compost - Daaaa Con

Ugggg, you think as a college graduate I would learn to spell hat, H-A-T.
The Groo panel was awesome. I was thinking about asking question about
future plans for Magnor but someone else asked. I thought we had some
good questions overall and the panel was something I will remember
for a long time.
All this talk about signatures and eBay and such has been on my mind.
I wasn't sure if I would have the chance to meet with Sergio or get
a signature. I wouldn't blame him if he stopped signing stuff, I would
get sick of seeing my free signatures on sale and having someone
bring a stack of stuff up to have it signed.
After the panel I wanderer the exhibit hall. I stopped by Stan Sakai's booth
and got some original artwork. I recently moved in to a new place and
I am decorating my office with a theme of various comic stuff from
Groo/Aragone's work, Stan Sakai and Jeff Smith. More or less these
are my favorite comic artists/makers at the moment.
So I remember Sergio mentioned he might be over in one place, so I
made my way there and he was there. I thought this was way cool.
I was in line and the guy in front of me was waiting to show Sergio
some comic-strips. Now, I dunno, but I felt the guy was rather rude
and just didn't get the etiquette that a bad time to have an artist
look at your stuff is when there is a line of fans waiting to talk/meet
and get some valued items signed. So he went up and show Sergio.
Sergio was totally polite. I can sense though he didn't want to be
bugged by this. He gave a comment that no one would buy the work,
I held back laugh. He was honest with the guy. So Sergio
started to help with another person and the guy butted back in
and ask Sergio to sign the back of the portfolio for good luck.
Sergio stopped what he was doing and did it and then went back.
This whole scene bugged me. I totally see why any artist wouldn't
want to sit at a booth all day and have this happen. I was even worried
that I shouldn't have been in line to bug him for a signature on an original
work I had with me.
The next guy was someone who brought a stack of stuff. Lots of issues of
this or that. Now, I had like 2 items to sign and this person had a stack.
I got more uneasy. But sergio quickly signed everything.
Then it was my turn, I said hello and told him the stories in the last few years
have been cool. I was looking at a folder of his work and was thinking of getting
a sketch. I pulled out what I brought. I was gonna see about getting 2 things
signed but decided to only offer one thing. I showed him an original card
art from the trading cards. He looked at it and was surprised it was not
already signed. He then went back and looked through his case and pulled
out his set of cards and found the matching card and He was all very polite
and cool. I kept talking with him and mentioned I didn't want to take up his
time and the line was getting long. He said not to worry about it and they
will not mind waiting. He did a cool doodle of a person from the card below the
work and signed it. At some point I pointed out I was interested in getting
some work, he said he had more and reached behind the table and handed me
a stack of more card artwork and some pages. I was shocked. So I thumbed
through the pages. I didn't have enough for an original page, otherwise I would
have gotten one, but I did get another card art. He signed that for me. I thanked
him profusely and left feeling good. I felt like I didn't upset him or insult him.
I really hope people would start considering not selling off his free signatures
and handing him piles of stuff to sign. I would hate for fans and people to
miss out a chance for encounters like that.
Not sure if this was mentioned or not, but one of the booths who
does various figures and statues (Moore something?) had on
display the Groo Xmas Ornament. It was funny. It had
rufferto hanging on to Groo's foot. The little text on the thing
said it was gonna be $19.95 and availiable in November. I think
is indeed something for any Groo-Fan to adorn the Xmas Tree.
As Mark mention, No better way to celebrate Xmas than to have
a savage mindless barbarian hanging on your tree. (Paraphrased,
I can't remember the exact quote).
Anyway, I hope I didn't have too many typos or spelling errors. I would really
HATE to have any. :)
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Hi guys/grrls!

Ken wrote:
>I was at the panel and I raised my hand when Mark asked
>if anyone was here from the mailing list.

Great -- mystery solved.

>I was sitting in the middle of the room wearing a Green
>hate with CP in gold on it for Calpoly.

That's good.  We hate Calpoly, too.  (Just kidding.)
I know someone who went to Cal Poly.

Oh yeah, Sergio did have a table after all.  He had
the Groo Houndbook, Boogeyman book, back issues of
Groo, the card game, the expansion set, sketches,
comic book pages, the 3-D book, and trading card art
for sale.

Scott -- congratulations on getting Fanboy pages!

I also purchased an Image Groo #11 page, and Sergio,
Mark, Tom, and Stan were nice enough to sign it.

Albert Moy also has a Fanboy page for sale.  It's
the one with Bruce Timm art, and pulling some-
thing from Finster's mouth (or something like

Stan also had a table, but this time it wasn't next
to Sergio.  It was near the Dark Horse booth.  He
had Usagi book and original art for sale.  Plus,
he had a signing at the Dark Horse booth, with
Usagi character finger puppets, a 15th anniversary
Usagi poster, and the Usagi Dark Horse logo buttons
as giveaways.  And man o man does he sign and sketch
fast.  11 people were in line in front of me, and he
signed and sketched posters and cards for all of them
in less than 5 minutes.

Plus, Gary wasn't really ranting and raving.  (He was
just kidding about that in the earlier message.)

Also, Bubble -- nice Mulch strips!

See you.


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