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Re: San Diego Report

> Next year s San Diego Con is July 20-23. Eric suggested that we have it
> before the Con so that people could do both in one trip. (Ojai is about a
> 4-hour drive from San Diego.) That would probably be great if it also
> the most folks to come. I recommend that folks coming a long way think about
> doing other Southern California stuff, like Hollywood or Disneyland, and
> a full-blown vacation out of it. 

~~~ This is an excellent idea.  Kudos Eric.  You guys know how much I've
wanted to go to the big con, and this would be a perfect excuse!  I vote for
"just before next year's con".

> "Grasscutter". Nate, you especially should check it out if you haven t
> already. I told Stan beforehand that my not being there to jinx him assured
> he would win. 

~~~ Usagi is one of the other titles I collect regularly... very very cool

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